Doing Life Together

Small groups are an expression of Kairos’ mission – Encouraging one another daily to follow in the way of Jesus. For that reason, we value the function of small groups over the form of small groups.  Groups can be shaped by different means – Bible study, book study, guided questions, Scripture reflection, or free conversation – but no matter how it looks, the goal is to draw people closer to God and each other. We encourage people to embrace such diversity as a tool of challenge, education, and transformation.

We encourage and assist groups for people of all ages, stages and locations.


Sermon on the Mount: An Invitation to New Creation

A guide with discussion questions to help you dive deeper into the scripture passages will be provided each week during the series. Click the link by each session to download a pdf of that session.
Session 1 – Beatitudes som-session-1-final
Session 2 – Salt and Light som-session-2
Session 3 – Bearing Good Fruit som-session-3-final
Session 4 – Anger som-session-4-final
Session 5 – Healthy Relationships som-session-5-final
Session 6 – A Vision Beyond Fairness som-session-6
Session 7 – Knowing God som-session-7
Session 8 – Material Wealth and Worry som-session-8
Session 9 – Relationship Advice som-session-9
Session 10 – The Narrow Path som-session-10


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